Journal articles

Murray, K. and Hunter Blackburn, L. (2019) Losing sight of women’s rights: the unregulated introduction of gender self-identification as a case study of policy capture in Scotland. Scottish Affairs Vol. 28 (3).

Aston, L., Murray, K. and O’Neill, M. (2019) Achieving cultural change through organizational justice: The case of stop and search in Scotland. Criminology and Criminal Justice. Online publication 27 March 2019.

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Murray, K. and Atkinson, C. (2018) This service terminates here? Politics, practitioner perspectives, and the future of railway policing in Scotland. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice.

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Murray, K. (2015) Policing, Prevention and the Rise of Stop and Search in Scotland. Scottish Justice Matters vol. 3.

Murray, K. (2014) Losing Count: The Missing History of Stop and Search in Scotland. Scottish Justice Matters vol. 2

Book chapters

Murray, K. and Malik, A. (forthcoming) ‘Contested spaces: the politics of strategic police leadership in Scotland’, in (eds.) Sivestri, M., Simpson, M. and Ramshaw, P.  Police Leadership: Changing Landscapes. Palgrave Macmillan.

Murray, K. (2019) ‘The politics of research impact: A Scottish case-study’, in (eds.) Naomi Creutzfeldt, N., Mason, M., and Mcconnachie, K.  The Routledge Handbook on Socio-Legal Methods and Theory. Routledge.

Farren, D., Hough, M., Murray, K. and McVie, S. (2018) Trust in the Police and Police Legitimacy Through the Eyes of Teenagers, in S. Roche and M. Hough (eds) Minority Youth and Social IntegrationSpringer-Verlag.

Jackson, J., Bradford, B., Hough, M. & Murray, K. (2012) Policing by Consent & Public Compliance with the Law: Notes on Legal Legitimacy & Cynicism, in Crawford, A. & Hucklesby, A. (eds) Legitimacy and Compliance, Routledge.

Reports and briefing papers

Murray, K. (forthcoming) Soft rain and unfearties: Raising the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility in Scotland. SCCJR, Glasgow.

Murray, K. (2019) Gender Recognition Act reform and young people. Rights, capacity and welfare. March 2019

Murray, K. (2018) Raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility: evidence and arguments. Kath Murray Research and Consultancy.

Murray, K. (2018) Police reform and public confidence in Scottish policing: 2012 to 2015: An analysis of Scottish Social Attitudes survey data. Scottish Institute for Policing Research, Dundee.

Murray, K. and Atkinson, A. (2018) The British Transport Police Leaving Home project. The impact of the transfer of British Transport Police (BTP) D Division into Police Scotland on officers and staff. SCCJR, Glasgow

McVie, S. & Murray, K. (2017) Scottish Police Authority Stop and Search Assurance report. SPA, Glasgow.

Murray, K. and McVie, S. (2016) The Need for a New Power to Search Children for Alcohol: A review of the evidence. Research report 05/2016, SCCJR, Glasgow.

Murray, K. (2016) Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime survey (UPYC) Early Findings: Stop and search in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Scottish Police Authority.

Murray, K. (2016) Partner Abuse: Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. Scottish Government.

Murray, K. (2016) Sexual Victimization & Stalking: Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. Scottish Government.

Murray, K. (2016) Landscape Review of Stop and Search in Scotland. Scottish Police Authority/SIPR.

Murray, K. (2015) A Power of Search for Alcohol. Briefing Note for MSPs.

Murray, K. (2015) Stop and Search in Scotland: A post-reform overview. Report 6/15, SCCJR, Glasgow.

Murray, K., McGuiness, P., Burman, M. and McVie, S. (2015) Evaluation of the Whole System Approach to Young People Who Offend in Scotland. Report 7/15, SCCJR, Glasgow.

Murray, K. (2014) Sexual Victimization and Stalking Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. Scottish Government.

Murray, K. (2014) Non-statutory stop and search in Scotland. Briefing Paper 6/2014, SCCJR, Glasgow.

Murray, K. (2014) Stop and search in Scotland: An evaluation. Research report 1/2014, SCCJR, Glasgow.





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