Press articles

Railway Policing devolution 
Atkinson and Murray (2018) Time for closure on the future of British Transport Police Herald. 26 September 2018.

Comment: Transport police merger set to be dropped Scotsman. 18 August 2018.

BTP merger standoff threatens constitutional crisis for the SPA Herald. 21 March 2018.

Atkinson and Murray (2018) SNP decision to delay police merger is right one Scotsman. 21 February 2018.

Time for a rethink on rail police merger Herald. 25 January 2018.

Is the merger of transport cops with Scotland’s police force on the right track or  Police Scotland on the right track or a signal failure? Daily Record. 20 January 2018.

More honesty is needed to resolve the police merger The Times. 19 December 2017.

The case is compelling to retain a dedicated railway police service Herald. 8 August 2016.

Stop and search in Scotland
Why additional stop and search powers are not needed Herald. 2 December 2015.

Chance must be seized to put clear blue water between watchdog and Police Scotland Herald. 4 August 2015.

Sea-change in standards must extend to all areas of policing Times. 4 September 2015.

Major reforms are not the answer to problems facing Police Scotland National. 24 August 2015.

Stop and search flourished unchallenged while no one was looking National. 4 August 2015.

It is clear the problems with stop and search go back more than a decade Herald. 30 June 2015.

Stop and search policy needs to be more transparent and accountable Herald. 18 February 2015.

Police stop and search rates in Scotland four times higher than England Guardian. 17 January 2014.

Police Scotland governance and leadership
We must lose the focus on arbitrary targets and analyse the real needs of policing Herald. 8 April 2016.

Time is ripe to tackle the pervasive influence of ministers and civil service on policing Herald. 23 February 2016.

The choice of a leader for Police Scotland must boil down to the contenders’ experience Herald. 14 January 2016.

Last day as Chief Constable for beleaguered House: Opinion Courier. 2 December 2015.